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10 Benefits of Seeking Help for Hallucinogen Addiction

Hallucinogens are drugs that cause hallucinations or profound distortions in a person’s perceptions of reality. The person may have visual or auditory hallucinations or feel sensations that may seem real but are not and some hallucinogens cause intense emotional swings. “Hallucinogens can be synthetically produced in illicit laboratories or are found in plants.” according to the Drug Enforcement Administration. The classic hallucinogens are LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) which is synthetically produced from ergot, the fungus that grows on rye and other grains, psilocybin (magic mushrooms), and mescaline which comes from the peyote plant.

Hallucinogen Abuse

Synthetic productions of hallucinogen drugs such as PCP, MDMA, and other dissociative drugs in clandestine laboratories have contributed to the rise in hallucinogen abuse, popularity, and availability. They are commonly abused in groups, club scenes, and at musical events. The effects of hallucinogen abuse are unpredictable and the person may suffer adverse psychological or physical experiences. Bad “trips”, such as paranoia, panic attacks, rapid mood swings, or schizophrenic-like psychosis and users physical impairments such as central nervous system damage, seizures, coma, or overdose.

Hallucinogen Addiction

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Getting help for a hallucinogen abuse problem can improve your health and well-being greatly.

Although, most hallucinogens are not considered physically addictive, they have been proven to be psychologically addictive and have the capability of producing dangerous and severe withdrawal symptoms in cases of chronic or long term abuse. Addiction is a brain disease where repeat and constant changes in the “reward center” of the brain rely on the use of chemicals to be active, meaning the person has become chemically dependent and using these chemicals, despite negative consequences results in addiction.

10 Benefits of Seeking Help for Hallucinogen Addiction:

  1. Detox safety in a controlled environment where professionals can intervene when necessary.
  2. Withdrawal symptoms support is important because in chronic cases, dangerous and severe withdrawals symptoms of depression, hallucinations, and psychosis can occur.
  3. Improve cognitive functioning for confusion, memory loss, or other cognitive difficulties.
  4. Treatment for mental health disorders such as anxiety, paranoia, psychosis and depression which could be dangerous and lead to harmful or suicidal tendencies.
  5. Behavioral programs to develop skills to cope with common stressors and remain abstinent.
  6. Treatment for any underlying diagnoses or co-existing substance abuse problems.
  7. Ability to derive pleasure from normal activities again.
  8. Provide assistance in building in sober support network and preventing relapse.
  9. Reduce risks of further harm to self or others including violence or overdose.
  10. Support for familial, social, and environmental issues.

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