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8 Strange Effects You Might Suffer From While Using Hallucinogens

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, most hallucinogens are not known to be physically addictive, this does not mean that they are not psychologically addictive. Unfortunately, psychological addiction can be harder to beat than physical addiction is. While you are on hallucinogens there are a variety of strange effects that you might experience.

1. Hallucinations

Hallucinations can be anything from a simple movement of things around you to full on object appearance. Most people see some form of hallucinations although it depends on the drug that you take how powerful they are.

2. Other Sense Hallucinations

Strange Effects

Hallucinogens can cause visual, auditory, tactile, and olfactory hallucinations.

Most people who take hallucinogens experience more nonvisual sensory hallucinations than they do visual. Things feel, taste and smell different when taking a hallucinogen. Some hallucinations can produce auditory, olfactory, and tactile hallucinations as well as visual. In other words all of your senses might be fooled.

3. Vomiting

One usually unexpected result of taking a hallucinogen is violently vomiting. Many of the hallucinogens are toxic and cause stomach upset. Some of them are poisons that cause the same effect.

4. Problems Tasting Food or Drinks

Although most hallucinogens will cause sensory hallucinations, taste is one that is usually nullified. Many people describe the sensation of tasting cardboard or sawdust. Sweet foods taste the same as almost any other food. This is very common with the more popular hallucinogens.

5. Unusual Thoughts

Some people take hallucinogens for the thoughts that they produce. They are often described as mind expanding. When you take hallucinogens, might experience some of these thoughts. Intrusive thoughts are extremely common and sometimes get out of control. These thoughts can be unhealthy and cause what is known as a bad trip. A bad trip is a hallucination that is violent or nightmarish.

6. Feelings of Anxiety

Sometimes between the sensory confusion and unusual thought patterns anxiety can develop. This can be a generalized feeling of doubt or nervousness or it can be focused on a specific anxiety or paranoia such as being caught or socially incapable. A common one is “everyone knows.”

7. Suggestibility

Most hallucinogens put you in a highly suggestible state of mind. If someone suggests a thought, scene, or feeling, you might start responding to or seeing it. This suggestibility is not particularly dangerous and most people will not do things that are dangerous to them through a suggestion. The problem is that some people who are highly suggestible to begin with might.

Where to Find Help for the Effects of Hallucinogens

8. Feelings of Needing More

Although most hallucinogens are not technically physically addictive, they do leave some people wanting more. This is a psychological addiction. When you are psychologically addicted to a drug, it is an addiction of the mind rather than the body. This is not easy to treat and usually requires specialized cognitive and behavioral therapy. Qualified professionals should be the only ones to do this therapy.

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