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Escape from Reality: The Attraction to Hallucinogens

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, hallucinogens provide a break from reality. This break is often extremely attractive under a variety of circumstances. This break from reality is a part of the extreme attraction that some people have when they begin to use hallucinogens. There are several reasons why this occurs.

Stress Levels may Be Reduced through the Use of Hallucinogens

Some people liken the use of hallucinogens to deep meditation. Many Native American cultures still practice this form of meditation using the hallucinogen peyote. These native people have used this drug for thousands of years and under controlled circumstances. It is extremely unlikely that someone attempting to reduce stress without the proper training will achieve the same outcome. It takes years of practice to use a drug like this to achieve positive stress control results.

Escaping Unpleasant Situations through the use of Hallucinogens

Hallucinations and hallucinogens are a way to escape reality. Many people start using them to escape from the unpleasant aspects of their life. The hallucinations and fantasy world that it creates provide this distraction. Unfortunately, the distraction is both temporary and illusive. Many people become addicted to hallucinogens because they are chasing the feelings that they felt the first time they tried the drug. Since new pathways open when you take a hallucinogen, it is possible that these pathways close permanently with repeated use.

The Possibility of Expanding using the Drugs to Expand your Consciousness

Escape from Reality

Some users believe that hallucinogens help to expand one’s consciousness.

Hallucinogens have long been said to expand consciousness and your mind. There are even some who believe that they can give you special insight into the world around you. No one has ever proved this theory. Most people see the these drugs as a way to access their subconscious. Although some research suggests that hallucinogens break down the walls between the conscious and subconscious mind, scientists still lack definitive proof that this happens.

The Possibility of Making a Mind Altering Spiritual Connection

Since many eastern and Native American cultures believe that hallucinogens help them to experience the spiritual realm, people who take them recreationally think that this may happen to them. The quest to help improve a connection with a higher power is a very powerful one.

Unfortunately, many people get lost in this quest and go too far with their hallucinogen use. Much of the underlying need for spiritual enlightenment stems from the basic need to fill a void or hole that many people feel when they are lacking in family relationships and spirituality.

The Fun of trying Something New and Different

One of the main reasons why people use hallucinogens is the draw of something new and different. Experiencing a different reality is very enticing at first. Many hear stories of how new and different the experience can be. Some people say they see and hear fantastic wonderful things.

10 Reasons why Hallucinogens are Attractive to Teens

Where to Find Help for Hallucinogen use and Addiction

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