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How Long Will Treatment for a Bad Trip Take?

Some effects of hallucinogen abuse are so intense and frightening they can cause an individual to require immediate medical care in an inpatient facility. But how long will treatment for a bad trip take?

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Treatment Lengths Vary from Person to Person

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “Individuals progress through drug addiction treatment at various rates, so there is no predetermined length of treatment” that is appropriate for every patient.

The same can be said for the treatment of a bad trip. Because the side effects are so intense and an issue like this one will affect every individual differently, there is no way to say for certain how long the treatment will take.

However, most individuals are able to come down from the acute effects of a bad trip between a few hours and a few days after treatment begins. This does not mean, though, that they are no longer in need of medical attention, as there can often be lingering effects that will cause severe issues if left untreated.

Bad Trip Effects and Treatments

According to Brown University, if someone you know has taken a hallucinogenic drug and seems “inconsolable” or “violently agitated,” it is necessary that you call 911. Other effects of a bad trip may include:

Treatment for a Bad Trip

Fear of disintegrating into nothing is a symptom of a bad trip.

  • Seizures
  • Violent behavior
  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Delusions
  • Panic
  • Rapid mood swings
  • Fear of disintegrating into nothing
  • Dissociation

Once the individual is brought to the hospital, they will be set up in a room with little to no stimulation so as not to worsen these effects. They might be given medications based on their needs and the severity of their condition, and certain prescription drugs may be given to sedate those with extremely serious reactions.

In general, restraints are not used, but some situations may warrant them. Over time, the individual’s symptoms will subside and they will start to return to normal.

However, treatment does not usually end here. The long-term consequences of a severe reaction to hallucinogen abuse must be taken into account, and the individual should be checked for any co-occurring mental disorders as well as any lingering effects associated with their bad trip.

Hallucinogen persisting perception disorder and persistent psychosis are two serious disorders that could occur from a severely bad trip. In addition, the individual may require addiction treatment for their hallucinogen abuse, especially if they were taking a highly addictive substance like PCP or abusing different substances at the same time.

Immediate treatment may take as little as several hours, but overall, a bad trip is a serious issue, and most individuals will require further care after their symptoms have subsided. It is important to discuss the matter with your doctor at length in order to ensure that you are getting the care you need for a safe recovery.

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How Can I Avoid a Bad Trip?

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