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Hallucinogens Fact and Fiction

Many of the ideas people have about hallucinogens are untrue, and must be cleared up in order to understand the true danger of these drugs.

There are many people who believe strange things about hallucinogens. Unfortunately, many of the claims people make about this class of drugs are not true. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, hallucinogens are a large class of drugs that encompasses both synthetic and nonsynthetic types. The older natural types of hallucinogens are usually not as bad as the newer synthetic types. It can be very difficult to separate fact from fiction about this class of drugs.

Fiction – Hallucinogens are Not Addictive

Fact – Hallucinogens are Psychologically Addictive. Your mind becomes used to the escape from reality, leaving you needing to be in that state as much as possible. There are a variety of types of addiction to stimulants such as dream addiction. Many people who take hallucinogens recreationally do so because of the removal of what is real and the spiritual connection they think they find.

Fiction – You Cannot Overdose on Hallucinogens

Fact and Fiction

You can overdose on certain hallucinogens, especially those that are mixed with dangerous chemicals such as arsenic.

Fact – It is possible to overdose on some hallucinogens depending on the type. Some hallucinogens are extremely toxic in even small doses. In addition, you have to worry about what the hallucinogen is mixed with when you take them. Some are mixed with arsenic and strychnine. Both of these chemicals are dangerously toxic in the human body. There is also talk of some synthetic hallucinogens being mixed with lead and mercury, two toxic heavy metals.

Fiction – You Won’t Need Treatment for Hallucinogen Addiction

Fact – If you are addicted you will need intensive treatment for an addiction to all of the hallucinogens due to the type of addiction you have. A psychological addiction is much harder to break than a physical one. It takes months, sometimes years of counseling to fully get over a psychological addiction. Many people relapse before they completely break it.

Fiction – Hallucinogens Cannot Hurt You

Fact – Many hallucinogens can cause massive physical and mental damage to you. Synthetic hallucinogens for instance are lethal in some cases. It is also possible for hallucinogens to disrupt the neural pathways in your brain causing convulsions or permanent psychological damage.

Fiction – Hallucinogens will Enlighten you in a Spiritual Sense

Fact – There is no proof that hallucinogens provide spiritual or any other kind of enlightenment. Although ancient cultures believed, they had religious value there is nothing to substantiate this claim. Hallucinogens do cause you to look inside yourself and this self examination sometimes provides insight to your past and present situations but this is not a spiritual enlightenment.

Hallucinogens Facts

Fiction – Most Hallucinogens are Safe to Use

Fact- although it is true many of the traditional hallucinogens are not terribly dangerous by themselves. The new synthetics are very dangerous even lethal. It is extremely important to know what you are taking if you choose to use hallucinogens. Some of them are adulterated to the point of being highly toxic to the body and cause long term permanent damage.

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