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LSD Facts

What is LSD?

LSD is one of the most powerful mood altering substances that is manmade in laboratories throughout America. LSD is made from lysergic acid that derives from the ergot fungus, which is found on grains such as rye.

LSD is illegally made by mixing the ergot fungus with other substances and then hardened and crystalized, it is then liquefied and sold on the streets usually as gelatin squares or tablets. LSD is a hallucinogen that when taken causes a person to completely detach from reality and experience and see things that are not really there.

The experience a person has on LSD is usually referred to as a trip, and when the hallucinogenic experience is scary or unlikable it is referred to as a bad trip. LSD can cause numerous problems to occur in a person who is using the drug, especially since they are not in their normal state of mind, which can cause them to react to their hallucinations violently or cause harm to themselves or to others.


LSD is often found in a tab or gel cube format.

LSD abuse affects the lives of millions of Americans each year and is continuing to be distributed throughout America. According to the Foundation for a Drug-Free World, in 2008 there were over 3 million people in America that reported using LSD.

Facts About LSD

There are several facts that people who are taking LSD should be aware of. Below is a list of four facts about LSD that people should know.

  1. LSD is not as concrete with its effects as other drugs are, meaning that the effects of LSD vary from every person, and numerous amounts of people that use LSD experience horrific hallucinations that can last for up to twelve hours.
  2. Once a person takes LSD there is no stopping the drug. If a person begins to have a bad trip there is nothing they can do that will stop the drug’s effects and they will have to live through the experience.
  3. LSD causes a person to experience visual hallucinations and delusions. The user’s sense of time changes and they may not even know who they are. While on LSD the shapes and sizes of objects become distorted, as well as colors and sounds. A person on LSD may get their senses mixed up causing a user to see sounds and think that they hear colors. This distortion can be extremely frightening and can cause people on LSD to begin to panic.
  4. A person using LSD has a far higher chance of hurting themselves or accidentally killing themselves. When on LSD a person will be seeing and feeling things that are not real, this can lead to them making poor decisions without realizing it, such as running into traffic because they thought something was chasing them.

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