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Top 10 Signs of PCP Abuse

A person taking PCP cannot be certain on what type of hallucinations they will see while on the drug, but they can be sure that the drug will cause them to hear and see things that are not real. An individual using PCP will not be able to hide the effects of the drug from other people, they may even cause harm to themselves and to others around them while PCP is in their system.

Why People Use PCP

PCP, which is the abbreviation for Phencyclidine, was produced back in the 1950’s as an anesthetic drug to help people deal with pain. However, adversely the drug caused user’s to have hallucinations and become violent, so it was discontinued.

PCP is still illegally produced and distributed on the streets. It is a hallucinogenic drug that will impair the chemical flow in a person’s brain resulting in them having a distorted view on reality. The effects of PCP are not the same for every person who uses the drug and the user’s environment and personality will play a role on how the drug will affect them.

drug abuse

PCP is a dangerous drug – know the signs of abuse so that you can get the help you or your loved ones need!

People use PCP because they enjoy the distortion of reality they experience when they are on the drug. PCP can cause a person to see and hear things that are not real and can cause a person to have a complete change in their behavior.

According to the Center for Substance Abuse Research, the effects of PCP can be greatly influenced by the amount a person takes and a user’s expectations and past experiences with the drug.

Common effects of PCP include hallucinations, relaxation, drowsiness, difficulty concentrating, anxiety, intense fear and suicidal behavior, as well as distorted sense of time, paranoia, rapid mood swings, and dissociation with the environment.

Top 10 Signs of PCP Abuse

PCP abuse can lead a person down a dangerous path and one in which they may not even remember. PCP abuse can cause a person to become violent, even towards people that they care about. Moreover, PCP abuse can lead to a person accidentally committing suicide due to terrifying hallucinations or to severe distorted perceptions of their environment.

The top ten signs that a person is abusing PCP are…

  1. They have dilated pupils.
  2. They have developed a temporary speech impediment (This can occur even when they are not on the drug).
  3. They do not move from one spot for hours.
  4. They are extremely sensitive to sound.
  5. They are seeing and hearing things that are not real.
  6. Their balance is off and they cannot walk without falling.
  7. Their eyes keep rolling back in their head.
  8. Their vision is blurry.
  9. They continually stare at nothing and are in a stupor state.
  10. They are having uncontrollable and irrational behavioral outbursts for no apparent reason.

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