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5 Amazing Tricks to Help You Overcome Hallucinogen Abuse & Addiction

Hallucinogens are powerful mind-altering drugs. This is why people take them. Unfortunately, there is a myth that needs to be dispelled about hallucinogens. Most people believe that hallucinogens are not addictive. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, this is not entirely true.

Most hallucinogens are not physically addictive which means you do not go through physical withdrawal and the body does not become dependent on them. They are however extremely psychologically addictive. This means they are mentally addictive; you become addicted to the feeling or the trip rather than your body becoming addicted to the drug. Psychological addiction is more difficult to overcome than physical addiction.

1. Therapy

Therapy is one of the best treatments for an addiction to hallucinogens. Many people who are addicted to hallucinogens become addicted because they are suffering from a mental illness. Hallucinogens provide an escape from reality. People who suffer from mood disorders, anxiety, or mental illness often seek escape from reality.

The hallucinogens only provide a temporary escape from reality. Therapy helps you escape the illness itself. By finding and treating the cause of the addiction, therapy can both treat the addiction and treat the person.

2. Meditation

Overcome Hallucinogen Abuse

Meditation can be used to expand one’s consciousness and curb cravings for hallucinogens.

Meditation is another way to help you overcome hallucinogen abuse and addiction. Since hallucinogens are often taken to expand your mind, many people wind up abusing them to accomplish this goal. Unfortunately, drugs are not the answer for expanding your consciousness. Meditation is. In almost all eastern and western philosophies, meditation plays a large role in expanding the mind.

It is through meditation that you can also overcome the urge to abuse hallucinogens. Meditation when done correctly is said to be extremely empowering and mind altering. There are meditation techniques that are said to lead to transcendence and can keep you from abusing hallucinogens.

3. Support

You can also overcome hallucinogen abuse using a solid support network. If you do not have one in your friends and family already, there are support groups and 12 step groups for hallucinogen abuse. When you feel the urge to use hallucinogens, you can contact someone in your support network that will help you overcome that urge through distraction, talk therapy, or community involvement.

4. Avoidance

Avoidance involves avoiding your triggers or avoiding the things that make you want to use hallucinogens. This is one of the primary things rehab and treatment will teach you, how to avoid your triggers. Unfortunately, with most hallucinogens, triggers include thought patterns and the desire for a feeling of connection. Learning to avoid what causes you to use, involves using other techniques to find that connection.

How Holistic Rehab Treatment Can Help You Overcome a Hallucinogen Abuse Problem

5. Treatment Centers

There are many treatment centers available for hallucinogen abuse. Most treatment facilities are skilled at teaching the techniques you need to stop using hallucinogens. Finding a treatment center for hallucinogen abuse is not difficult. All you have to do is call 800-411-9312 (Who Answers?) . We can help you build the skills that you need to overcome the addiction and abuse.

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