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10 Reasons to Not Use Hallucinogens during the Holidays

Some people consider the holidays the perfect time to use hallucinogens. The colorful lights and holiday spirit inspire some to use dangerous hallucinogens to enhance the experience. Unfortunately, there are several reasons you should not use hallucinogens during the holiday season.

1. Hallucinogens and Other Drugs Do Not Mix

The holidays are a time for overindulgence for many people. Unfortunately, this includes both hallucinogens and alcohol in some cases. This is an extremely bad mix depending on the amounts of each consumed.

2. Inability to Control Your Actions and Reactions

People on hallucinogens tend to be impulsive and out of control. Since you are seeing things that are not there, hallucinogens cause you to react or act on things not based in reality.

3. Crashing

Coming down off some types of hallucinogens is known as crashing. Crashing usually consists of depression, anger, stress, and anxiety. These are all things that the holiday season exacerbates.

4. Increase in Negative Emotions

Hallucinogens sometimes produce negative emotions. This is the last thing that you want during the holidays, which should be a happy time for family to gather.

5. The Chance of a Bad Trip

Hallucinogens can make you feel negative.

Hallucinogens can make you feel negative.

According to Brown University, hallucinogenic experiences are usually based on environment. The grinning Santas and smiling elves may seem benign when you are sober when you are hallucinating there is a definite possibility that it will trigger a bad trip. A bad trip is a frightening series of hallucinations that cause depression, anxiety, and terror.

6. Disconnection with Reality

Although not usually permanent, hallucinogens often produce a disconnection with reality. The holidays are a time where you should be connected with friends, family, and most definitely the reality of life.

7. Legal Consequences

During the holiday season, the police step up their patrols and other services. These officers are trained to recognize hallucinogen use and arresting the people who are possessing and selling them. This increases the likelihood of being arrested and charged with a major crime.

8. Addiction

Although the National Institute on Drug Abuse, considers many of the hallucinogens as not addictive, they are still psychologically addictive to some people. Psychological addiction needs far more professional treatment than a simple detox and physical addiction.

9. Long Term Health Consequences

Hallucinogens and holiday cheer often lower inhibitions. The long term consequences of hallucinogens are often:

  • unplanned pregnancy,
  • cardiac damage,
  • damage to the limbic system of the brain, and
  • a total disconnection with reality.

Although these consequences are rare, they are still a possibility.

10. Relapse if you are in Recovery for Hallucinogens or Other Drugs

The use of hallucinogens during the holiday season can cause relapse if you are in recovery for any addiction. The feelings that go along with a hallucinogenic experience may cause cravings, triggers, and other aspects of addiction to return after they have been conquered in rehab.

If you are considering using hallucinogens or other drugs during the holiday season or if you find yourself using the holidays as an excuse to use drugs perhaps it is time to look into a treatment program. For more information on a treatment program for your addiction, to hallucinogens or other drugs, call us at 800-411-9312 (Who Answers?) .

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