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Self-Treatment for a Bad Trip

There are ways to manage a bad trip on your own, which can be particularly helpful if you experience this issue while alone. However, if you begin to experience severe effects that do not subside, it is still important to call 911 immediately.

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What is a Bad Trip?

A bad trip is defined as an experience while on a hallucinogenic drug that causes severe and unpleasant effects. According to Brown University, “A bad trip can occur at any dose.” You can recognize a bad trip by:

  • Anxiety
  • Confusion
  • Panic
  • Frightening hallucinations
  • Paranoia
  • “Rapid mood swings” (Center for Substance Abuse Research)
  • Fear of losing your identity or disintegrating into nothing
  • Violent behavior or thoughts
  • Severe depression
  • Seizures

Some of these symptoms can be managed at home, and it is usually much easier to do so when a friend or someone you trust is helping you through the experience. Unfortunately, though, some people end up on their own and need to manage the experience by themselves.

Managing a Bad Trip


Going to a quiet, dark room during a bad trip can minimize its severity.

When you begin to experience the first symptoms of a bad trip, make sure to remind yourself that this is what you are experiencing. Then follow the steps below.

  • Get to a quiet, dark room without a lot of stimulation. Try to place yourself somewhere comfortable and where you won’t have to move much. It is important too that you make sure you will not be bothered by people you do not know or who do not make you feel comfortable.
  • Try speaking to yourself in a soothing voice and telling yourself that everything is all right. Remind yourself that these are just the effects of the drug and that they will subside soon. Repeat these things to yourself if they are helpful.
  • You can also put on music but make sure to choose something calming without a lot of stimulation.
  • If you can get ahold of a friend or family member, someone you can trust, do so and wait patiently for them to find you.

Once a bad trip is already occurring, it is difficult to go through the experience alone, but there are ways you can minimize the severity of it. However, if you are experiencing severe symptoms like seizures or you cannot minimize your anxiety or fear no matter how hard you try, it is absolutely necessary to call 911. CESAR states that bad trips can sometimes lead to violence against others or one’s self, and one must avoid this at all costs. In this case, professional treatment in a hospital setting, and possibly a rehab center afterward, is the only option.

Do You Need Treatment for Hallucinogen Abuse?

If you have been abusing these drugs for a long time and have experienced severe side effects, it is time to seek help. Call 800-411-9312 (Who Answers?) today and let us help you find the best options for your treatment needs.

How Long Will Treatment for a Bad Trip Take?

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