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10 Reasons why Hallucinogens are Attractive to Teens

Although there are many reasons why people use drugs, hallucinogens seem to be particularly attractive to teens and young adults. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, nearly four percent of all teens 12th grade and under try hallucinogens at one point. This is partially due to the phase of life that they are in and partially due to these other factors.

1. Curiosity

Hallucinogens offer a different experience for each person. Many teens try hallucinogens because they are simply curious about what the drugs do and how they feel when you use them.

2. Peer Pressure

Teens doing hallucinogens often try to persuade to try them. Although teens will be tempted to try hallucinogens through peer pressure, ultimately they have to have another reasons such as hanging out in a place where hallucinogens are popular such as raves or dance clubs.

3. Societal Pressure

Hallucinogens are Attractive

Teens may start using hallucinogens due to peer or societal pressure.

There is a tremendous amount of societal pressure on teens. Movies, songs, and other forms of media glorify and popularize different drugs. Hallucinogens are among them. Movies made about the rave culture and kids having fun on drugs often help to push teens in the direction of hallucinogens.

4. Rebelliousness

Teens are rebellious by nature. All of the anti-drug and other propaganda, particularly when these are found to be sometimes false claims, push teens to try the very thing they are warned about. Although some of the information is wrong because the drugs were not studied properly, most of the dangers of these drugs are not exaggerated.

5. Euphoria

Since most of the hallucinogens cause a brief period of euphoria, it makes them extremely tempting for teens and adults alike. Many people these days are stressed and even a brief period of euphoria may be desirable.

6. Enhanced Sensation

Enhanced sensation just like euphoria is a powerful motivator to for teens to try hallucinogens. They hear of or experience these sensations when many things are new to them. The new freedoms they have make many things like this tempting.

7. Enhanced Perception

Just like enhanced sensation, enhanced perception is just as attractive. The teens quest for self discovery and freedom may end in the use of a hallucinogen for the enhanced perception that they are said to provide.

8. For Fun

Some teens use hallucinogens just for fun. They like the experience that they have while they are on it and use them for it. They use them purely for recreation.

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9. To Escape

Many teens and adults alike use hallucinogens to escape their lives. They feel trapped by their school and their jobs so the hallucinogens give them a chance to experience something else. Most of their experiences are negative in real life where their experiences on the hallucinations are positive.

10. Due to Psychological Addiction

Some teens find hallucinogens attractive because they have become psychologically addicted to them. This addiction is very severe and difficult to beat. It takes specialized training to help someone with a psychological addiction. To find a treatment center with this training call us at 800-411-9312 (Who Answers?) .

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