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Dream Addiction and Hallucinogens

Someone who uses hallucinogens in order to appease their dream addiction will likely become addicted to hallucinogens as well.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, hallucinogens are a wide class of drugs that cause sensory distortions. It is said that they can distort reality to a point where you do not know what is real and what is not. When you hallucinate you can see anything that you imagine depending on the power of the drug. Many people see fantasy images while taking them.

What is Dream Addiction?

Dream addiction is an addiction to escaping reality into a private world. There are many people who prefer a dream land to reality. This is different than the natural escapes that many of us engage in such as reading or movies. They want to live in a fantasy rather than reality. When this reaches a point where the individual will do anything to live in the fantasy world it is considered a dream addiction.

Dream addiction is not something new. Throughout the ages there have been stories of people who live in their own fantasy world regardless of the reality around them. It is considered an almost form of psychosis.

What Does it Have to Do with Hallucinogens?

Dream Addiction

Dream addiction is very rare and is usually experienced by those with mental illnesses.

Dream addiction is enabled by hallucinogens. Since most hallucinogens put you in a highly suggestible state. You can bring any reality into being if the hallucinogen is powerful enough. People who are addicted to a dream world rapidly find themselves addicted to the fantasy that taking hallucinogens create.

This forms a very powerful psychological addiction to the hallucinogen. Psychological addictions can take months, sometimes years to break and often leave permanent damage. This damage is to the neural pathways that control the senses. It is possible for someone addicted to a dream state can end up in that state even after they stop using the hallucinogen. This condition is very severe and often lands the user in a mental institution because they are unable to live a normal life in reality.

Who Suffers from Dream Addiction?

Although rare, dream addiction is a serious condition. Those who suffer from it are usually mentally ill before taking any hallucinogens. Their fantasy life takes over reality. Many people who are dream addicts take drugs to force themselves into lucid dreaming and other sleep states. They often have complex fantasies about a variety of things and are thought of as delusional.

How is it Treated?

Dream addiction with addiction to hallucinogens is treated by psychotherapy and counseling. It is a difficult addiction to treat. The cause of the addiction needs to be found and treated before the person can heal from any other addiction. Usually the dream addiction and therefore the hallucinogen addiction is brought on by a traumatic event in the person’s life that they cannot deal with.

In treatment they are forced to deal with it through therapy and other forms of counseling.

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Where can you Find Help for Hallucinogen Addiction due to Dream Addiction?

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